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Creating with Passion, Color, Art and Design

Powered by my background in interior design, textiles and fine art, I am following my passion to create. 

The thirst for creativity has been a part of my being since childhood, but it was just a few years ago that I reconnected with the brush and canvas.  As my style developed, I began to dream of creating a collection of textiles for the home.  I cannot explain the joy I was filled with after printing those first patterns.  I can only compare it to birthing a child and watching them grow.

My training as an interior designer, showroom sales person and my obsession with textiles has all helped me develop a keen eye for design and color which now is being translated into textiles. My color palette is bright and happy for bold interiors. The patterns are whimsical, and all originated as original artwork either on canvas or on paper. 

Casey Powers
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